Experience and knowledge matter

We utilize the best malpractice claims defense specialist in the country. Our Vice-President and General Counsel, Michael Schroeder, was named Chiropractic Attorney of the year by the National Association of Chiropractic Attorneys.

Mr. Schroeder believes that when you choose a malpractice carrier you are looking for more than a company that will pay a claim. You are looking for a talented legal defense team that will work to protect your reputation. Mr. Schroeder’s legal team is the best in the business.

The reality of things is that malpractice suits occur. If a mistake is made and an injury occurs, we’ll help make things right – quickly and professionally. But, if someone gets injured and then blames you for not fixing it or worse yet, claims you were the one who injured them – NO WAY! Our legal team will battle every assertion, probe every fact, and challenge every legal position. We will fight, and we will not stop fighting, until we defeat anyone trying to denigrate your good name.