Does paying more for coverage get you more?

The cost of malpractice insurance is the result of one thing only – the cost of malpractice claims. When insurance companies lose frivolous lawsuits – the cost of your coverage goes up, it’s that simple.

So, is more expensive coverage better?

Not with malpractice insurance. If your malpractice carrier is doing a great job defending you, costs go down, not up. More expensive coverage simply means doctors are on the losing end of more lawsuits – and more money is being paid out for claims.

That’s how it’s possible to have the lowest priced malpractice insurance and get the very best protection. At National Chiropractic Council, we provide broad scope of practice coverage for a whole lot less – usually 20% to 40% less. We can do that because for over thirty years we have been fighting for doctors of chiropractic. Winning means lower prices.

75% Discount for New Graduates

After paying for your education, you could use a break. National Chiropractic Council offers new doctors of chiropractic a 75% discount off our regular low premiums during your first year after graduation to help you get started on the right foot.

Elite and Preferred Programs

NCC offers you the choice of two programs: First the Preferred Program is a standard program that offers reliable malpractice insurance at an affordable rate that is very similar to any other insurance coverage offered in the chiropractic malpractice market. The Elite Program offers a 30% discount from the preferred rates if you agree to have each of your patients sign an arbitration form and an informed consent form.

There are many ways to resolve a dispute. When it comes to malpractice insurance, two of the most common ways is through the civil court system or through an arbitration proceeding. Currently, because of the appeals process, a civil court case can take seven to ten years to complete. An arbitration proceeding can take a few months to complete, because there is no appeals process with arbitration. Normally, when it comes to an insurance claim the biggest expense is not the settlement amount it is the legal fees. If an insurance company is able to limit its legal expenses on a claim to months rather than years they are willing to pass those savings on to you in the form of lower rates. This is the genesis of the Elite Program; you help the insurance company save on potential legal expenses, then the insurance company helps you by providing a lower rate for coverage.